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Hi! I'm 💪 Mike Phillips 🎷

I believe the best bet you can make is on yourself.

Growth is an infinite game — a part of your life that never ends but always evolves. It takes a certain mindset to seek growth, make more opportunities for it, and strive to achieve it. And those of us who do will achieve success on our own terms.

#MarketingMuscle By-the-Numbers

Making a measurable impact.

2500 + Pieces

of Unique Content

From Linkedin to YouTube, snackable insights are central to the value I bring to creators, freelancers, and solopreneurs.

38 + Months

of Daily Content

Text posts, long-form videos, shorts, infographics, photos, and more are part of my content library.

10 + Million

Influenced Revenue

From a 12+ year career in marketing plus helping solopreneurs & creators, growing revenue for others is my north star.

4 + Resources

Made For Creators

Articles, courses, workbooks, and coaching calls — I strive to make growth something that is within everyone's means.

The #MarketingMuscle Mission

Increase financial success for solo/creators

I've spent my career using growth marketing to help companies gain millions of dollars in consistent revenue. #MarketingMuscle is my mission to help creators and solopreneurs use modern marketing to grow stronger revenue and achieve financial success on their own terms.

My "Gym Rules"

Principled business makes a difference.

I would want to know what makes a person tick before working with them, so these are the immutable laws that define how I approach business. If you can relate, I have a feeling we'll get along just fine.

Self-efficacy is empowering.

My goal is to shine a light on how you can build your own #MarketingMuscle so you and your business can grow stronger and achieve financial success on your own terms.

Growth is gradual greatness.

If we can step out your vision into goals that are small enough to be impossible to fail, you can string together a chain of small wins that compound to build amazing momentum.

You never start over. You start again.

Experience is an accelerant you never lose. You may make mistakes, lose money, or miss a goal, but when you begin again you keep the benefit of all you've learned. 

We grow stronger together.

Nothing helps you grow stronger than a training partner. By coming together as a community, we can push ourselves to new heights than we could by going solo.

A team of one.

I'm a Solopreneur too.


💪 Mike Phillips 🎷

Role: All of the things

I have been accelerating revenue growth for large and small businesses for over 12 years. From billion-dollar technology startups to mom-and-pop local businesses, my marketing grows revenue. Now I apply modern marketing to help solopreneurs and creators.